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All the News Posted January 14, 2010

►January 25, 2010 - The Man Who Could Beat AIDS - TIME Magazine

►January 15, 2010 - How the Noninflammasome NLRs Function in the Innate Immune System - Science Magazine

►January 15, 2010 - Regulation of Adaptive Immunity by the Innate Immune System - Science Magazine

►January 15, 2010 - Autism patient electrocuted after touching open power transformer - Indian Express

►January 15, 2010 - Notices to Readers: New Look for MMWR Weekly Publication - MMWR/CDC

* ►January 15, 2010 - Recommended Adult Immunization Schedule --- United States, 2010 - MMWR/CDC

* ►January 15, 2010 - Outbreak of Adenovirus 14 Respiratory Illness --- Prince of Wales Island, Alaska, 2008 - MMWR/CDC

►January 15, 2010 - QuickStats: Pregnancy, Birth, Abortion, and Fetal Loss Rates Per 1,000 Women Aged 15--19 Years, by Race and Hispanic Ethnicity --- United States, 2005 - MMWR/CDC

►January 15, 2010 - Announcements: National Glaucoma Awareness Month --- January 2010 - MMWR/CDC

►January 15, 2010 - "Choking Game" Awareness and Participation Among 8th Graders --- Oregon, 2008 - MMWR/CDC

►January 15, 2010 - Notifiable Diseases/Deaths in Selected Cities Weekly Information - MMWR/CDC

►January 15, 2010 - Vaccine producer sues critic for alleged defamation - eTaiwan News - "Adimmune Corp., the sole A(H1N1) flu vaccine producer in Taiwan, filed a defamation lawsuit Thursday against a critic who branded its vaccines unsafe."

►January 15, 2010 - Fall in H1N1 cases deals blow to vaccination drive - The Peninsula On-line, Qatar

* ►January 15, 2010 - Swine flu jab takes hit as man, 91, falls ill - The Standard, Hong Kong - "The patient, who is in stable condition at Princess Margaret Hospital, received a vaccine for seasonal flu on November 26 and another for human swine flu on January 4. He began complaining of lower limb weakness on Saturday and was admitted to hospital on Tuesday."

* ►January 15, 2010 - Pandemic Flu Scare Fades, Vaccine Glut Seen for Glaxo, Novartis - Bloomberg

* ►January 14, 2010 - Swine flu taskforce's links to vaccine giant: More than half the experts fighting the 'pandemic' have ties to drug firms - Daily Mail, UK - "More than half the scientists on the swine flu taskforce advising the Government have ties to drug companies. Eleven of the 20 members of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) have done work for the pharmaceutical industry or are linked to it through their universities. Many have declared interests in GlaxoSmithKline, the vaccine maker expected to be the biggest beneficiary of the pandemic. The disclosure of the register of interests comes just days after a health expert branded the swine flu outbreak a 'false pandemic' driven by the drug companies which stood to profit. The Government is now trying to offload up to £1billion worth of unwanted swine flu vaccine."

* ►January 14, 2010 - Swine Flu: False Pandemic? Questions In Europe - Medical News Today - "European countries are starting to raise questions about the swine flu pandemic, such as whether it is a false pandemic, and whether pharmaceutical companies put pressure on health ministers to order more vaccine than their countries were likely to need. They are also looking to cut back on orders of vaccine or sell a large part of their stockpile."

* ►January 14, 2010 - Women in early pregnancy should not receive H1N1 vaccine: doctors - eTaiwan News - "As the number of pregnant women suffering problems after receiving influenza A (H1N1) shots has increased, Taiwan Association of Obstetrics and Gynecology Chairman Tsai Hong-te suggested yesterday that women in their first trimester of pregnancy should not receive H1N1 shots. Women in subsequent trimesters should take the advice of their doctors when deciding whether to get vaccinated, Tsai said."

* ►January 14, 2010 - January 14: Young Adults Flu Vaccination Day - Sebelius Announces New Facebook Application Called “I’m a Flu Fighter” -

* ►January 14, 2010 - Become a Flu Fighter - - "If one person tells 5 friends, and they tell 5 friends each, and each of those friends tells another 5 friends, that is already 156 people. Imagine how many people we could encourage to get vaccinated if we each told just 5 friends -- or, even better, all of our Facebook friends. Together we can be Flu Fighters, and protect our families, friends, and communities from the flu, one vaccination at a time."

* ►January 14, 2010 - WHO official: H1N1 threat not exaggerated (requires registration) - Washington Post - "A top World Health Organization official Thursday dismissed charges that the agency exaggerated the threat posed by the H1N1 virus and that it had been unduly influenced by the pharmaceutical industry to issue dire warnings about the swine flu pandemic. 'The world is going through a real pandemic. The description of it as a fake is both wrong and irresponsible,' Keiji Fukuda, the special adviser to the WHO director-general on pandemic influenza, told reporters during a briefing."

►January 14, 2010 - WHO says A/H1N1 pandemic real, not fake - Xinhua via China View

* ►January 14, 2010 - WHO, vaccine group deny pandemic scare charges - CIDRAP News - "The World Health Organization (WHO) and vaccine makers from Europe today defended themselves against the charges of some European officials that the agency was improperly influenced by vaccine companies and exaggerated the threat of the pandemic H1N1 virus."

* ►January 14, 2010 - MP blasts drug firms' swine flu 'scare mongering' - South Wales Argus - "Newport West MP Paul Flynn asked in the House of Commons if the threat of deaths was based on evidence or an exaggeration, influenced by pharmaceutical company lobbyists. 'What we want to find out is whether this was decided on proper scientific basis or the pressure from pharmaceutical companies to make bigger profits - how powerful are the pharmaceutical companies in influencing the World Health Organization (WHO)?' he said."

* ►January 14, 2010 - Vaccine producer sues critic for alleged defamation - China Post - "Adimmune Corp., the sole H1N1 flu vaccine producer in Taiwan, filed a defamation lawsuit Thursday against a critic who branded its vaccines unsafe. In a motion to defend its reputation, Adimmune's Vice President Simon Kao filed the suit with the Taipei District Court, requesting an apology and damage of NT$3 million from the man called Chun-hsu James Chen. Kao told journalists outside the court that Chen tarnished his company's image by claiming in his blog and in interviews with cable television stations that Adimmune's flu vaccine contains 50 times more organic mercury - a chemical ingredient - than similar vaccines produced overseas, and it holds formalin, another chemical ingredient, which should not be present."

* ►January 14, 2010 - Saskatchewan Urges All Young Males To Get H1N1 Vaccination - The Saskatchewan Ministry of Health thanks all Saskatchewan residents who have received their H1N1 pandemic vaccination. - Government of Saskatchewan via Gov Monitor

* ►January 14, 2010 - Officials still urging Manitobans to get H1N1 shot - Winnipeg Free Press - "Since Christmas, the Cadham Provincial Laboratory has reported 27 positive H1N1 tests to Manitoba Health, including six new cases over the last week."

►January 14, 2010 - Pretty please get an H1N1 vaccination, health officials urge -

►January 14, 2010 - Tunisia: 270,000 people vaccinated against H1N1 Virus - Tunisia Online News

►January 14, 2010 - Finland: H1N1 caused permanent lung damage in some cases - H5N1 Blog

* ►January 14, 2010 - Comparative Efficacy of Influenza Vaccines (free full text) - journal article (NEJM) - "Since the trial included a diverse population in terms of age, sex, and ethnic background, results on heterogeneity of effect across these variables and the presence or absence of coexisting illnesses (e.g., diabetes and renal and cardiovascular disease) would be helpful to know. This is especially important because the cost-effectiveness of influenza vaccination for various subgroups remains uncertain.3 Full transparency of results is needed for informed health education and policy decisions."

* ►January 14, 2010 - Intranasal seasonal flu vaccine begins Phase II - Avir Green Hills AG has begun Phase II trials of deltaFLU, its intranasal, seasonal influenza vaccine, which it believes is easier to administer and more effective than traditional treatments. -

* ►January 14, 2010 - Health Risks Grow Among Quake Refugees - Wall Street Journal - "Respiratory infections are a threat, as are vaccine-preventable diseases such as measles, Dr. Elder said. About half of Haitian children aren't vaccinated against measles, according to a 2006 Unicef report."

* ►January 14, 2010 - Stars Vs. Science - From Jenny McCarthy to Tom Cruise, some Hollywood hot shots are leading a war against modern science. - Forbes - "Why do celebrities feel the need to spout off on medical or scientific matters? Because they've excelled in one field, stars 'think they're an expert in many things,' says the vaccine expert [Paul] Offit. 'That part doesn't bother me. It's the part that we listen that bothers me.'"

* ►January 14, 2010 - In Pictures: Celebs Who Take On Science - Forbes

►January 14, 2010 - Merck looks to broaden Gardasil use; Childhood vaccine schedule updated - FierceVaccines

* ►January 14, 2010 - Who's Afraid of the HPV Vaccine? - A new study concludes that people tend to match their risk perceptions about policy issues with their cultural values, which may explain the intense disagreement about proposals to vaccinate elementary-school girls against human-papillomavirus (HPV). The study also says people's values shape their perceptions of expert opinion on the vaccine. - National Science Foundation via ScienceDaily

* ►January 14, 2010 - Merck Submits Data To Widen Gardasil Use - Pharmalot

* ►January 14, 2010 - Parents responsible to immunize children - The Nashua Telegraph - "Immunizing our children is like feeding, housing and educating them. Each generation of parents is obliged to pass on to its children, either actively or passively, the benefits of its own knowledge, institutions and culture."

* ►January 14, 2010 - Here Are Those FDA Warning Letters - Pharmalot - "for Bayer, Lilly, Cephalon and Amylin. And here are the promotional materials from Cephalon, Bayer and Lilly that generated the heat."

* ►January 14, 2010 - Rise of multi-site trials prompts FDA guidance on IRBs - The FDA has issued draft guidance detailing the information that should be submitted to an IRB as part of the continuing review of a clinical trial, with particular emphasis placed on the rise of multi-site studies. -

►January 14, 2010 - Community-Acquired Pneumonia Due to Pandemic A(H1N1)2009 Influenza virus and Methicillin Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Co-Infection - journal article (PLoS One)

►January 14, 2010 - Nosocomial Bacterial Meningitis - journal article (NEJM)

* ►January 14, 2010 - Zyprexa Document Leaker Heads To Court - Pharmalot - "Last year, however, Lilly agreed to plead guilty and pay $1.415 billion, which included a $515 million fine for a misdemeanor criminal charge, for off-label promotion of Zyprexa (see here), which was only dwarfed by Pfizer’s $2.3 billion settlement. And the others? Weinstein called the Times reporter ‘reprehensible,’ but didn’t mete out any punishment. David Egilman, who was an expert witness for plaintiffs’ lawyers suing Lilly, earlier settled for $100,000 (background).As for Gottstein, he maintains innocence. “Ever since Judge Weinstein ruled against me on February 13, 2007, Lilly has threatened me with civil and criminal contempt sanctions and going after my license to practice law,” Gottstein writes to supporters. “I believe I did nothing wrong - that when Lilly failed to object after being given a reasonable opportunity to do so and then Dr. Egilman sent the Zyprexa Papers to me, they had lost their secrecy protection. I hope the Second Circuit will agree.”

* ►January 14, 2010 - Ranking 37th — Measuring the Performance of the U.S. Health Care System (free full text) - journal article (NEJM)

* ►January 14, 2010 - BPA-Heart Disease Link Confirmed, But Levels in People Have Declined - Discover Magazine

►January 14, 2010 - Adaptive methods can improve personalised medicine trials; CEO (includes audio interview) - Conducting trials in smaller patient populations when developing personalised medicines poses challenges, such as how to recruit patients fast enough, but these can be overcome using adaptive methods, according to a CEO. -

►January 14, 2010 - Early Immune Response Needed for Hit-and-Hide Cancer Virus - Ohio State University via HealthNewsDigest

►January 14, 2010 - Novartis joins World Pneumonia Day - The Philippine Star

►January 14, 2010 - Technology Aims to Replace Animal Testing - AP via U.S. News & World Report

►January 14, 2010 - Implementation and Enforcement of Health Care Reform — Federal versus State Government (free full text) - journal article (NEJM)

►January 14, 2010 - Senate's Reform Package Wrapped Up in Time for Christmas (free full text) - journal article (NEJM)

►January 14, 2010 - "Play-or-Pay" Insurance Reforms for Employers — Confusion and Inequity (free full text) - journal article (NEJM)

►January 14, 2010 - Hemispherx gives FDA new Ampligen data - Philadelphia Inquirer

►January 14, 2010 - Uncomfortable Arithmetic — Whom to Cover versus What to Cover (free full text) - journal article (NEJM)

►January 14, 2010 - Carrots, Sticks, and Health Care Reform — Problems with Wellness Incentives (free full text) - journal article (NEJM)

►January 14, 2010 - Deployment and the Use of Mental Health Services among U.S. Army Wives (free full text) - journal article (NEJM)

►January 14, 2010 - Prevention of Psychiatric Problems among Military Personnel and Their Spouses (free full text) - journal article (NEJM)

►January 14, 2010 - Disclosure of the Genetic Risk of Alzheimer's Disease - journal article (NEJM)

►January 14, 2010 - Pressure to pass health bill exposes divisions among Democrats - The Washington Times

* ►January 14, 2010 - E. Lansing Democrats rip GOP for stalling on drug immunity bill - Lansing State Journal - "The firestorm over a 1995 Michigan law that shields pharmaceuticals from product liability won’t die. This morning, Sen. Gretchen Whitmer and Rep. Mark Meadows, both East Lansing Democrats, blasted Senate Republicans for moving this week to delay action this year on a House bill to lift the product liability ban. In March 2009, the House passed the bill, sponsored by Rep. Lisa Brown, D-West Bloomfield. Michigan's law is the toughest in the country, allowing damages only if plaintiffs prove a company withheld key information about a drug from the Food and Drug Administration. Democrats have tried for years to squash the law. 'It’s an abomination in the state of Michigan to have immunity for (drug manufacturers),' Meadows said."

* ►January 14, 2010 - Kevin Leitch’s Jab in the Dark By Jake Crosby - Age of Autism

* ►January 14, 2010 - Class Action Suit Filed to Defend Rights of Children With Autism to Vital, Cost-Saving Treatment - press release - Public Counsel via PRNewswire-USNewswire

* ►January 14, 2010 - The Hunt for an Autism Drug - Armed with fresh medical insights, drug companies are redoubling their efforts to address the disease's complex causes - BusinessWeek

►January 14, 2010 - Taking a risk for family in 'Horse Boy' - Review » Doc reveals the problems of treating autism. - Salt Lake Tribune

►January 14, 2010 - Claire Danes On HBO's Original Autistic-Cowgirl Biopic, Temple Grandin - Movieline

* ►January 14, 2010 - Alzheimer's cases on the rise, report warns - A new study warns the prevalence of dementia in B.C. will more than double in the coming decades. - Surrey North Delta Leader

►January 14, 2010 - Mum tells how she gave lad lethal jab - A Trainee nurse wept yesterday as she told a court how she injected her brain-damaged son with a lethal heroin overdose. - The Sun, UK

►January 14, 2010 - Well, well, well: Five feet high and rising - Our brains need care to stem the tide of dementia - Our brains need care to stem the tide of dementia - Our brains need care to stem the tide of dementia - VUE Weekly

►January 14, 2010 - Teacher dies of meningitis - Newbury Today, UK

►January 14, 2010 - Boy dies from suspected meningitis in Limerick - The Health Service Executive has confirmed that a young boy has died in the Mid-Western Regional Hospital from a suspected case of meningitis. - Limerick Leader

* ►January 14, 2010 - Toddler dies after clinic fails to diagnose meningitis - Austrian Times

* ►January 14, 2010 - Meningitis kills Jasmine, 7 - Playful Jasmine Clare smiles from the top of a huge snowball - but just 36 hours later the seven-year-old was dead from meningitis. - The Sun, UK

* ►January 14, 2010 - Tehama County officials confirmed another case of meningitis - Red Bluff Daily News - "Recent lab work has confirmed that both children were infected with a kind of the bacteria that can be prevented by a vaccine, one which the county has been distributing to students at both Vista Middle School, where a cousin of the girl attended, and Bidwell Elementary School, where the 10-year-old attended."

►January 14, 2010 - Second meningococcal case confirmed in Tehama County - Record-Searchlight

►January 14, 2010 - FG stockpiles three million anti-meningitis vaccines - The Punch, Nigeria

* ►January 14, 2010 - Lung Infection Up in Wake of Kids' Pneumonia Vaccine - Pediatrics via HealthDay via Yahoo!

►January 14, 2010 - Vaccine for Children - This opportunity is a Recovery and Reinvestment Act action - Solicitation Number: 200-2009-28656-0017 - Agency: Department of Health and Human Services - Office: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention - Federal Business Opportunities

* ►January 14, 2010 - Companies can make cheaper vaccines: UVic researcher - University of Victoria - "Big costs and long timelines are the accepted rationale pharmaceutical companies use to justify keeping high price tags on life-saving vaccines for poor countries. But a recent article published in medical journal Vaccine, and co-authored by a UVic health economist, is challenging these claims. 'Increasingly, there is skepticism of drug company claims about costs,' said Rebecca Warburton, an associate professor in UVic’s School of Public Administration. 'We’re just hoping to fuel more skepticism.'"

* ►January 14, 2010 - International Medica Foundation Reaches Final Vaccination Milestone in Phase II Clinical Trial for Rotavirus Vaccine - Lower-cost vaccine to prevent diarrhea is being tested in Africa - press release - International Medica Foundation via Business Wire - "Rotavirus is responsible for the deaths of more than 1,500 infants and children daily, mainly in developing countries. To combat this killer of children, the International Medica Foundation is sponsoring a Phase II clinical trial of its oral rotavirus vaccine, RotaShield®."

►January 14, 2010 - Environmental Health Professor Emeritus to advise the CDC - Indiana State University

* ►January 14, 2010 - Britain says sorry in 1960s pregnancy drug scandal - AFP via Yahoo! - "Britain issued a long-awaited expression of regret Thursday over the thalidomide drug scandal which left hundreds of babies deformed 50 years ago, and confirmed 32 million dollars in support. The announcement including the 20-million-pound (22-million-euro) package was welcomed by many victims, although some questioned why it had taken so long and others claimed the wording did not amount to a full apology."

* ►January 13, 2010 - MOBERLY v. SECRETARY OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES MOLLY MOBERLY, by her mother and next friend, TERESA MOBERLY, Petitioners-Appellants, v. SECRETARY OF HEALTH AND HUMAN SERVICES, Respondent-Appellee. No. 2009-5057. United States Court of Appeals, Federal Circuit. - - "This Vaccine Act case presents the question whether a child's seizure disorder was shown to have been caused by a vaccination. The special master found that the petitioners failed to establish causation, and the Court of Federal Claims upheld that finding. We affirm."

* ►January 13, 2010 - Website Documents Over 300 Gardasil Horror Stories by Christina England - - "The numbers of people who have suffered from Gardasil side effects mount daily, – Gardasil side effects now has a total of 300 side effects posted for Gardasil. Over 300 children and parents tell their harrowing stories how their lives changed forever, the day they had the Gardasil vaccine. On the 10th January 2010 one devastated mother posted her daughters story:- 'Our 17 year old daughter Jessica Ericzon had a side affect from her Gardasil vaccines. SHE DIED INSTANTLY.'"

* ►January 13, 2010 - Paying a high price for swine flu scare - comment - Daily Mail, UK - "With the wisdom of hindsight, it becomes ever clearer that ministers hugely overreacted to the swine flu scare. In Britain, at least, the virus has not mutated into the mass killer that some feared - and, mercifully, the huge majority of those who contracted the disease have suffered only mild symptoms and recovered quickly. So the Government is now left with a vast stockpile of unneeded vaccines and other drugs, bought at the height of the scare under contracts worth up to £1.5billion, which may now be given away to Third World countries."

* ►January 13, 2010 - Swine flu epidemic ends with a whimper By Michael Fumento - - "Hidden within the latest edition of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention's FluView was this sentence: "The proportion of deaths attributed to pneumonia and influenza was below the epidemic threshold." That's right: The great American swine flu epidemic - which led to two proclaimed national emergencies and thousands of spooky news stories - has ended with a whimper."

* ►January 13, 2010 - Health officials, experts reject 'false pandemic' charges - CIDRAP News - "Dr Gregory Poland, MD, director of the Mayo Clinic's Vaccine Research Group in Rochester, Minn., told CIDRAP News that though he has no knowledge of interactions drug companies might have had with governments in Europe, Wodarg's claims are 'preposterous.' 'The idea that pharmaceutical companies made official agencies squander their resources is ludicrous,' he said. 'Vaccine stockpiles are like insurance policies,' he said. 'You're talking about the health and welfare of entire nations.' ... Another US infectious disease expert, Michael T. Osterholm, PhD, MPH, called the claims of a pharmaceutical industry conspiracy irresponsible and said a third wave of H1N1 cases could quickly soak up any vaccine surpluses. 'It's absolutely irresponsible and plain nonsense,' said Osterholm, director of the University of Minnesota's Center for Infectious Disease Research and Policy, publisher of CIDRAP News."

* ►January 13, 2010 - H1N1 Vaccine-Gate (includes video) - Lawyers & Settlements Blog - "What I find most incredulous is how governments have been so freakin’ gullible! How could they get sucked in by big pharma companies such as Glaxo Smith Kline, Sanofi and Baxter—with their obvious financial interests at stake? Even Obama got sucked in. In October 2009, our president called H1N1 a national emergency and said there is  'rapid increase in illness from H1N1…the pandemic continues to evolve and rise rapidly…' But the numbers didn’t add up—you don’t call it a pandemic without doing some research. These drug companies told everyone initially that two vaccines were needed, but later it was discovered thh1n1 H1N1 Vaccine Gate at one shot is enough. So they doubled their money. And just to be on the safe side, that clever Glaxo Smith Kline sold governments a 'no return' policy."

►January 13, 2010 - Many in Kentucky choose not to get H1N1 vaccinations - Bowling Green Daily News

►January 13, 2010 - Swine flu deaths in county reach 11 - Tacoma Weekly

►January 13, 2010 - No lines, no waiting, for swine flu vaccine in Kansas City area - Kansas City Star

►January 13, 2010 - Expert Says Swine Flu Scare Just a Money-Making Scam - Opposing Views

►January 13, 2010 - Officials wary of H1N1 to come - Vaccination clinics will be next week - Green Bay Press Gazette

►January 13, 2010 - Expectant mothers priority for H1N1 shots -

►January 13, 2010 - N.J. swine flu death total climbs to 40 - New Jersey Real-Time News via

* ►January 13, 2010 - Media Outlets Examine U.S. Plans For Leftover H1N1 Vaccine, Efforts To Keep Flu Vaccine Production On Track - Kaiser Daily Global Health Policy Report via Medical News Today

►January 13, 2010 - Pfizer seeks $1.5B adult market for Prevnar 13 - FierceVaccines

►January 13, 2010 - Pitt County Student Has Bacterial Meningitis - A Pitt County student was diagnosed and hospitalized Wednesday with bacterial meningitis. -

►January 13, 2010 - Updated: Conley student contracts meningitis - Greenville Daily Reflector

►January 13, 2010 - Hippodrome star Joe Swash supports Bristol University meningitis project - Guide2Bristol - "Researchers at the University of Bristol are searching for a vaccine for meningitis B, which is now identified as the most common strain of the condition in the UK."

* ►January 13, 2010 - Meningitis survivor fights to make college campuses safer (includes video) - - "Jamie Schanbaum’s hands, legs and feet turned black as her body went into full battle mode to survive. 'My body was doing everything it could to secure the inner organs,' she said.  'As a result, my limbs became black.' Treatment in a hyperbaric chamber helped restore oxygen to her skin and save more of her limbs than doctors originally thought possible. Doctors saved her thumbs on her hand and were able to amputate below the knee.  Schanbaum said it made learning to walk on prosthetics easier. Her seven-month ordeal led her to a seat beside the governor, as he signed a bill into state law bearing her name. Now every new college student going into on-campus housing must get a meningitis vaccine and they must show proof that they got it at least 10 days before going into campus housing. 'It will save lives,' said Anna Dragsback, the Executive Director of the Immunization Partnership."

* ►January 13, 2010 - CDC Conflicts of Interest - Anthrax Vaccine -- posts by Meryl Nass, M.D. - "CDC does not just award grants, it also obtains research grants from other federal agencies and industry. Here is one grant it got from an Australian biotech company to advance research on its pandemic flu vaccine. How might such relationships affect CDC's impartiality in fulfilling its mission to promote vaccines?"

►January 13, 2010 - Mass. parents in OD case to be tried separately (requires registration) - Boston Globe - "A jury was chosen Wednesday for the trial of a mother accused -- along with her husband -- of killing their 4-year-old daughter by overmedicating her with powerful prescription drugs."

* ►January 13, 2010 - Influenza A (H1N1) 2009 Monovalent Vaccine Live, Intranasal Questions and Answers - FDA

* ►January 13, 2010 - Novavax scales up RSV-F vaccine - Novavax has completed cGMP scale up of its RSV-F vaccine candidate, with the material being used in preclinical studies, and amended the terms of the H1N1 collaboration with Xcellerex. -

* ►January 13, 2010 - Pfizer exec: Wyeth has added value to drug pipeline - The Day - "Pfizer has made a strategic move to biologics and vaccines. Before the Wyeth deal was finalized, small-molecule pills dominated Pfizer's portfolio 3-to-1 compared to large-molecule biologics and vaccines, he said, but the newly reconstituted company now has a portfolio that is much more evenly divided."

* ►January 13, 2010 - Toward a less expensive version of the anti-flu drug Tamiflu - American Chemical Society via EurekAlert!

►January 13, 2010 - Vaccination of Mice with Salmonella Expressing VapA: Mucosal and Systemic Th1 Responses Provide Protection against Rhodococcus equi Infection - journal article (PLoS One)

►January 13, 2010 - Study data from Research Center for Infectious Diseases update knowledge of Bacillus anthracis - Infection and Immunity via NewsRx

►January 13, 2010 - ERA-NET PathoGenoMics announces third international joint call for infectious disease research - ERA-NET PathoGenoMics via The Medical News

►January 13, 2010 - The Constitutionality of the Individual Mandate for Health Insurance (free full text) - journal article (NEJM)

►January 13, 2010 - Common Genetic Variants and Risk for HPV Persistence and Progression to Cervical Cancer - journal article (PLoS One)

►January 13, 2010 - Human Metapneumovirus: Innocent Bystander or Important Pathogen? - journal article (Journal Watch Infectious Diseases)

* ►January 13, 2010 - Association of Urinary Bisphenol A Concentration with Heart Disease: Evidence from NHANES 2003/06 - journal article (PLoS One)

►January 13, 2010 - JDRF Forms Partnership With Animas to Develop First-Generation Automated System for Managing Type 1 Diabetes - The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation via PRNewswire-USNewswire - "The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation today announced an innovative partnership with Animas Corporation to develop an automated system to help people with type 1 diabetes better control their disease -- the first step on the path to what would be among the most revolutionary advancements in treating type 1 diabetes: the development of an artificial pancreas, a fully automated system to dispense insulin to patients based on real-time changes in blood sugar levels."

►January 13, 2010 - Diagnosing Pediatric Metabolic Syndrome Is Problematic - journal article (Journal Watch Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine)

►January 13, 2010 - Dual role for immune cells in the brain - Salk Institute via EurekAlert!

►January 13, 2010 - Glial cells aid memory formation (requires registration) - The Scientist

►January 13, 2010 - Are mutations truly random? (requires registration) - The Scientist

* ►January 13, 2010 - Pa. Court Revives Plaintiff Verdict in State's First Precedential Hormone-Replacement Case - Plaintiffs counsel are viewing the decision as a promising harbinger for the dozens of other HRT cases on appeal - The Legal Intelligencer via

►January 13, 2010 - Court Revives HRT Lawsuit Against Pfizer - Pharmalot

►January 13, 2010 - Notes from JPM: Don't Expect Buybacks from Sanofi - The IN VIVO Blog

►January 13, 2010 - FTC Presses For An End To ‘Pay-To-Delay’ Deals - Pharmalot

►January 13, 2010 - Tobacco Control and Free Speech — An American Dilemma (free full text) - journal article (NEJM)

►January 13, 2010 - Peanut allergies less common than tests suggest - Many children who test positive for sensitivity to peanuts may not actually have full-blown allergies to the food, a new study suggests. - Journal of Allergy and Clinical Immunology via Reuters

►January 13, 2010 - Once Destined for Bankruptcy, Adventrx Pharmaceuticals Sets New Course With Reformulated Drugs - Xconomy San Diego

►January 13, 2010 - Human immune cells — in mice - MIT team engineers mice with human immune cells, which could be used to test vaccines for HIV and other diseases. - MIT News

►January 13, 2010 - Safety Ignored in Nanotech Rush, Warn Experts - SciDev.Net via Nanotechnology and Development News via

►January 13, 2010 - Are Vaccines REALLY Safe? - Mary Tocco - video - EclippTV

* ►January 13, 2010 - New vaccine-making company opens in Fargo - Altravax, a new vaccine development company, has been launched in Fargo with a potential of creating 40 new jobs in five years. - Grand Forks Herald - "Altravax, a new vaccine development company, has been launched in Fargo with a potential of creating 40 new jobs in five years."

* ►January 13, 2010 - Haiti earthquake could trigger possible medical 'perfect storm' - CNN

* ►January 12, 2010 - Employees Resign (includes video) - - "Riverstone Health confirms officials asked four employees who refused to get vaccinated to resign or retire. 'The best way to stop influenza epidemics is to get vaccinated,' said Riverstone Health Board Member Michael Dennis. ... Several wrongful termination lawyers we consulted with and said Montana employers must demonstrate 'good cause' in order to fire a worker. However, they said vague phrasing leaves the law open to many interpretations. Riverstone Health officials said employee were not fired. They resigned or retired, a distinction under the law."

* ►January 12, 2010 - Swine flu: can we have our £1 billion back now, please? - James Delingpole Blog via The Telegraph, UK

* ►January 12, 2010 - After this awful fiasco over swine flu, we should never believe the State scare machine again - Debate via Daily Mail, UK - "What this awful fiasco over swine flu should be telling us, in short, is that it is high time we learned to recognise the power of the scare for what it is - something which can carry away our politicians into wasting astronomic sums of money and doing untold damage, based on misreadings of the scientific evidence which may initially seem quite plausible but which can eventually make them and all of us look very silly indeed."

* ►January 12, 2010 - Still Time To Get H1N1 Flu Vaccine, Urges Whitley, Leader Of Infectious Diseases Society - The University of Alabama at Birmingham via Medical News Today

* ►January 12, 2010 - Gag me. Public health establishment takes credit for mildness of swine flu season By Michael Fumento -

►January 12, 2010 - HHS chief warns of another swine flu outbreak - FierceVaccines - "And after getting beat up by lawmakers left unhappy last fall when initial vaccine shipments fell far short of projections, Sebelius is leaving no doubt that anyone who wants a jab now can get one. 'We've got about 132 million doses of vaccine allocated to state and local health departments and more is coming every week--enough for everyone who wants to get vaccinated.'"

►January 12, 2010 - Vax proves out 3-leg business model - FiercePharma Manufacturing - "Xcellerex's yellow fever vaccine is about to be tested in a Phase I study, marking a clinical-phase milestone for the company. The accomplishment also helps validate the company's disposable manufacturing technology, which is used in producing the vaccine, as well as the company's uncommon business model, according to President and CEO Joseph Zakrzewski."

►January 12, 2010 - FDA advises on manufacturing MNPs during a pandemic - Continuing production of medically necessary products (MNPs) in the event of a pandemic will be made easier by developing a contingency plan, according to the FDA which has issued guidance on the subject. -

* ►January 12, 2010 - Fast Track Designation Request Performance - FDA - "This section mandates the Agency to facilitate the development and expedite review of drugs and biologics intended to treat serious or life-threatening conditions and that demonstrate the potential to address unmet medical needs. Fast track adds to existing programs, such as accelerated approval, the possibility of a "rolling submission" for a marketing application. An important feature of fast track is that it emphasizes the critical nature of close early communication between the FDA and sponsor to improve the efficiency of product development."

►January 12, 2010 - Biomedical bust (requires registration) - The Scientist

►January 12, 2010 - FDA letters cite Lilly, Bayer, Amylin and Cephalon - FDA issues letters over promotional materials from Lilly, Bayer, Amylin and Cephalon - AP via Yahoo!

►January 12, 2010 - Yes, there was a cure for the cold in 1910 … so they said -

►January 12, 2010 - U.S. Pharmacopeia Recalled - U.S. Pharmacopeia - "USP recalled USP 33–NF 28 because of errors that occurred when monographs were redesigned into a new format."

►January 12, 2010 - Black Box Lowered Antipsychotic Use In The Elderly - Pharmalot

►January 12, 2010 - SEC Files Insider Trading Suit Against Drug Exec - Pharmalot

►January 11, 2010 - More than 80,000 people vaccinated against H1N1 - Macau Daily Times

►January 11, 2010 - US scales back H1N1 vaccine, cuts CSL order in half - The United States has scaled back its supply of H1N1 flu vaccine, cutting its order with Australian firm CSL Ltd in half, the company said on Monday. - Reuters

►January 11, 2010 - Vaccine's value affirmed - Asbury Park Press

►January 11, 2010 - Sanofi touts dengue fever vaccine data - FierceBiotech

* ►January 9, 2010 - Amish families exempt from insurance mandate - Health Reform: People with religious objections can opt out - Watertown Daily Times - "Federal health care reform will require most Northern New Yorkers — but not all, it turns out — to carry health insurance or risk a fine. Hundreds of Amish families in the region are likely to be free from that requirement."

►January 8, 2010 - Notice: Draft Guidance for Industry on Planning for the Effects of High Absenteeism to Ensure Availability of Medically Necessary Drug Products; Availability - Food and Drug Administration, HHS via

►January 8, 2010 - 2009-2010 Influenza Season Week 52 ending January 2, 2010 - CDC

►January 8, 2010 - Notice: Medical Trade Mission to India: March 8-13, 2010. - Department of Commerce via

►January 8, 2010 - Behind Mass Die-Offs, Pesticides Lurk as Culprit - In the past dozen years, three new diseases have decimated populations of amphibians, honeybees, and — most recently — bats. Increasingly, scientists suspect that low-level exposure to pesticides could be contributing to this rash of epidemics. - Yale Environment 360

►January 7, 2010 - Gold tests meningococcal fast - ScienceAlert

►January 7, 2010 - Vaccine push follows three new swine flu deaths in Dallas-Fort Worth - Dallas Morning News

* ►January 7, 2010 - CDC hopes to prevent repeat of 1958 flu mortality surge - CIDRAP News - "Warning against complacency about H1N1 influenza, Dr. Anne Schuchat of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said she doesn't want to see a repeat of what happened in 1957-58, when a perception that the pandemic was over was followed by a winter surge of flu- and pneumonia-related deaths."

* ►January 6, 2010 - Detroit elementary students get free pizza for turning in H1N1 forms - The Detroit News

►January 6, 2010 - Notice: Agency Information Collection Activities; Submission for Office of Management and Budget Review; Comment Request; Environmental Impact Considerations - Food and Drug Administration, HHS via

* ►January 6, 2010 - Influenza A: "They Organized the Psychosis" - truthout

* ►January 4, 2010 - "Was Swine Flu a False Pandemic?" By Michael Fumento - - "No, that's not Michael Fumento asking. It's a pharmaceutical industry blog declaring, 'That's the contention by more than a dozen members of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe, which reportedly plans to conduct an inquiry into the influence that drug makers may have had on the World Health Organization, scientists and governments. A resolution was introduced last month by Wolfgang Wodarg, a member of Germany's Social Democratic Party who chairs the Parliamentary health committee.'"

* ►January 2010 - Nice Shot Why vaccines are pharma’s Next Big Thing. (requires registration) - The Scientist - "Vaccine blockbusters are not simply a welcome surprise to the pharmaceutical industry—they are a badly needed asset. In an industry-wide move, drug companies are veering away from broad market products following several high-profile safety debacles: Merck’s blockbuster arthritis drug Vioxx, which upped the risk of heart attack and stroke in some patients, and GSK’s diabetes pill, Avandia, which also increased risk of heart problems. In response, drug companies are hedging their bets, targeting products to a smaller slice of patients, rather than one-size-fits-all."..."With no generic competition, a vaccine boasts a long market life. Last year, the global market for GSK’s hepatitis B vaccine, Engerix-B, was still growing, although the drug was launched in 1989, says Philippe Monteyne, senior VP of global vaccine development at GSK. “You cannot dream of that sort of situation in the rest of the pharma industry,” he says. But despite the complexity, the cost to develop a vaccine does not exceed that of a new small-molecule drug: It is estimated that a vaccine costs between $300 to $800 million to develop, while a new prescription drug averages $802 million, according to a 2003 analysis by the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development. Although a single vaccine is typically administered only once in a lifetime, profits are still comparable to other pharmaceutical top-sellers. Over 4 million children are born per year in the United States alone, and each is likely to receive an $84 dose of Prevnar. “You have a regenerating patient population for your vaccine every year,” says Connolly. And the premium prices don’t hurt: approved for females and males 9 to 26 years old, Gardasil currently sells for $130 per shot, $390 for the three-shot series. In the 1990s, routine childhood vaccines were roughly $5–$15 per dose."

* ►January 2010 - Mind Your Manners (requires registration) - We need to treat each other with respect, or all of science will suffer. - The Scientist

►December 22, 2009 - Title: Development of a preventive vaccine for filovirus infection in primates (patent) - MND Diagnostic Ltd. (Nes Ziona, IL) via

►December 22, 2009 - Title: Enzymatic diagnostic test for SARS and other viral diseases (patent) - The United States of America as represented by the Department of Health and Human Services (Washington, DC) via

* ►July 29, 2009 - Considerations and Plans for Influenza Vaccine Communication (pdf) - CDC

* Gardasil side effects -

Upcoming Events - Friday Jan 15th, 1pm EST - Press Briefing: CDC update on seasonal and H1N1 flu and vaccine status. This briefing will be led by Dr. Anne Schuchat, Assistant U.S. Surgeon General, Director of CDC Nat'l Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases. - webcast -


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