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All the News Posted February 20, 2010

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►April 1, 2010 - Ethnic Differences in Parental Perceptions and Management of Childhood Fever - journal article (Clinical Pediatrics)

►March 15, 2010 - Cesarean Delivery and Risk of Intestinal Bacterial Infection - journal article (The Journal of Infectious Diseases)

►March 15, 2010 - Staphylococcal Strains Vary Greatly in Their Ability to Induce an Inflammatory Response in Endothelial Cells - journal article (The Journal of Infectious Diseases)

►March 15, 2010 - Mutations in Extensively Drug‐Resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis That Do Not Code for Known Drug‐Resistance Mechanisms - journal article (The Journal of Infectious Diseases)

* ►February 22, 2010 - Deliberations Continue in Latest Hormone Replacement Therapy Trial - The Legal Intelligencer via

* ►February 22, 2010 - A Closer Look: Kettleman City cleft deformities raise questions of a cluster case - Residents in the San Joaquin Valley town suspect a toxic waste dump, although that’s only one possibility. Gov. Schwarzenegger has ordered an investigation. Cluster cases are often hard to prove. - Los Angeles Times

* ►February 20, 2010 - HPV vaccination: waiting for evidence of effectiveness - journal article (The Lancet)

* ►February 20, 2010 - U.S. closes case on anthrax letters (requires registration) - The inquiry concludes that researcher Bruce E. Ivins, who died in 2008 in an apparent suicide, was solely responsible for the 2001 attacks. - Los Angeles Times

* ►February 20, 2010 - Many Americans Would Delay Taking Recommended Antibiotics after Anthrax Attack, Poll Finds - Most Americans Would Worry about Serious Illness or Death after Anthrax Attack, But Many Would Delay Taking Recommended Antibiotics - Harvard School of Public Health (HSPH) via News-Medical.Net

Click here for the complete survey:               
Click here for the charts:

* ►February 20, 2010 - Southeastern District Health Department Starts H1N1 Strike Team - KPVI News 6 - "This group of nurses and employees of the Southeastern District Health Department are ready to take the H1N1 vaccine on the road. The strike team is heading to area businesses to vaccinate employees."

* ►February 20, 2010 - Brain and tissue sample repository to help advance understanding and treatment of psychiatric diseases - Johns Hopkins Children's Center and Stanley Medical Research Institute via New-Medical.Net

* ►February 20, 2010 - McCain attack on nutrients raises furor! Help us to victory! - Natural Solutions Foundation - The Voice of Global Health Freedom™  - - via American Chronicle

►February 20, 2010 - DOH chief: Measles epidemic in Metro Manila unlikely - ABS-CBN News

* ►February 20, 2010 - Biological, clinical, and ethical advances of placebo effects - journal article (The Lancet)

* ►February 20, 2010 - 20-year survival of children born with congenital anomalies: a population-based study - journal article (The Lancet)

►February 20, 2010 - Learning about Lizzie - Star-Gazette - "We have known for many months something was not quite right. Her physical and intellectual development has been slow. Early intervention therapists have identified some pretty drastic developmental delays. With intensive treatments provided by a wonderful team of therapists, Lizzie has make tremendous progress. Still, in some ways, the gaps between where she is and where she should be seemed to have widened."

* ►February 20, 2010 - Autistic student alleged target in middle school fight -

►February 20, 2010 - Venous thromboembolism during active disease and remission in inflammatory bowel disease: a cohort study - journal article (The Lancet)

* ►February 20, 2010 - Dogs Euthanized at Animal Shelter because of Virus - KPVI News 6 - "The virus was a problem in the 1970's, but because of vaccinations, outbreaks like this are highly unusual. Mary Remer, Director of the Pocatello Animal Shelter: "There's really no reason to have this disease come back to our community." At the Pocatello Animal Shelter, all dogs are vaccinated for Canine Distemper. But two vaccines are required, which means that dogs are not getting their proper vaccinations before coming to the shelter."

►February 20, 2010 - WSNA holds informational picket to highlight issues critical to public health and safety - Washington State Nurses Association (WSNA) via News-Medical.Net

* ►February 20, 2010 - Avandia, Heart Attacks & An Internal FDA Battle - Pharmalot

►February 20, 2010 - Helping hand for autism - Hindustan Times via McClatchy-Tribune Information Services via COMTEX via Technology Marketing Corporation

►February 20, 2010 - Ten tennis celebrities to participate in IV Annual Tennis ProAm event to benefit Walk Now For Autism - Lighthouse Events, LLC via News-Medical.Net - "These guests who team up with 10 amateurs will be on hand for tennis followed by a Private Cocktail Party scheduled to take place at the Ocean Club Tennis Center on March 22, 2010, at 5pm.  Space is limited for those who wish to participate and take advantage of this great opportunity!"

►February 20, 2010 - Saying it is hurtful; banning it is worse - A campaign to abolish the word 'retard' won't accomplish its real goal - The Washington Post via Concord Monitor

* ►February 20, 2010 - Death of Cleveland Heights college student from bacterial meningitis puts focus on vaccine bill - The Plain Dealer via

►February 20, 2010 - Agency cancels facility to produce HIV vaccine - Winnipeg Free Press via Calgary Herald

* ►February 20, 2010 - Vaccine technology developed at Purdue Research Park gets boost - Journal and Courier - "Bioscience Vaccines has data that shows, when used as a vaccine additive, ECM can boost the potency of tetanus vaccine by 10 to 15 times in laboratory models. 'This major commitment from the Indiana Seed Fund makes it possible for us to move our research and ideas forward,' said Paul Hall, president and chief executive officer of Bioscience Vaccines."

►February 20, 2010 - In Va., 36 deaths related to swine flu - Richmond Times-Dispatch

* ►February 20, 2010 - Flu vaccine upshot - Frederick News-Post - "In the last six or seven months of 2009, pharmaceutical companies are estimated to have made profits of between $7.5 billion and $10 billion on H1N1 vaccines. This has caused a gigantic misallocation of health budgets all over the world, and the needless exposure of millions of healthy people to the risk of an unknown spectrum of side-effects from insufficiently tested vaccines. For example, in December 2009, health officials across Canada were told to stop administering a swine flu vaccine manufactured by GlaxoSmithKline because of evidence that it was causing high rates of severe allergic reactions. It is no accident that back in July 2009, the vaccine makers got our federal government to grant immunity from lawsuits that result from any new swine flu vaccine! Americans probably won't even learn a lesson from this. The pharmaceutical companies will retain their ill-gotten gains, their power and their influence, and we will forget what hit us."

* ►February 20, 2010 - Immunization rates down at district schools - More parents in Ashland have decided not to vaccinate their children this year - Ashland Daily Tidings - "About 24 percent of the district's students are exempt from one or more immunizations this year, an increase of 2 percentage points over last year. ... Ashland resident Toni DiLeo, whose son attends Ashland High School, said she signed an exemption form because she wanted to vaccinate her son selectively, instead of adhering to the state's guidelines. 'We're concerned about some of the health effects of some of the vaccines, and we're not sure all of them are necessary,' she said. DiLeo attended a meeting organized by the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention held in Ashland last year and later went to Washington, D.C., to speak before the CDC's Vaccine Safety Working Group."

►February 20, 2010 - Carter: Eradication of Guinea worm disease near in Sudan - Atlanta Journal-Constitution

* ►February 20, 2010 - Overlooked Contaminant Found in Donated Blood… -

►February 20, 2010 - FDA Warns about Serious Side Effects from Maalox Mix-Ups - Occupational Health Safety

►February 20, 2010 - Can Cartoons, Movies, TV Impact Your ASD Child? By J. Bradley Borden (includes video) - Age of Autism

►February 20, 2010 - Autism Sibling Wins Northern Virginia Reflections 2009 Literature Award - Age of Autism

►February 20, 2010 - Fees for the Omnibus Autism Proceeding hit $7M - Left Brain/Right Brain - "Millions of dollars were spent trying to prove the now discredited (and never well supported) hypothesis of Dr. Wakefield. The thimerosal hypothesis also never had much substance, and has cost millions more."

* ►February 20, 2010 - Corrections and clarifications - The Guardian, UK - "• Andrew Wakefield was said in a story to have refused to attend the General Medical Council's hearing over research findings said by him to link the MMR vaccine to bowel disease and autism. This was incorrect. He did, with counsel, attend the GMC hearing; the day he did not attend was when the GMC issued its finding that he acted dishonestly and irresponsibly (MMR vaccine doctor quits autism centre, 19 February, page 12)."

►February 20, 2010 - It’s official, Dr. Krigsman to leave Thoughtful House - Left Brain/Right Brain

* ►February 19, 2010 - Please sign a petition in defense of Dr. Wakefield: From Dr. David Berger, MD  Wholistic Pediatrics - Raising Healthy Kids Naturally

* ►February 19, 2010 - Doctor at centre of MMR row quits his U.S. clinic job - Daily Mail, UK

* ►February 19, 2010 - Life Among the 'Yakkity Yaks' - The renowned inventor on how the insights she gained from her own autism fueled her career. - The Wall Street Journal - "..., earlier this month Britain's esteemed medical journal, The Lancet, formally retracted its 1998 paper that linked vaccinations to autism. That paper, whose primary author was Dr. Andrew Wakefield, studied 12 children who exhibited autistic behaviors. The authors suggested they were caused by the measles-mumps-rubella vaccine. The paper set off a firestorm, fueling the antivaccine movement perhaps best associated with the actress Jenny McCarthy, whose son is autistic. 'Scientifically, there's still some things to be done,' Ms. Grandin says. Scientists need to study 'the kids where they seem to have language and then they lose it at 18 months to two years of age.' She adds: 'I've talked to too many parents that have talked to me about regressions that I can't just pooh-pooh that off.'"

►February 19, 2010 - 14 Monkeys Revisited: Reactions to Wakefield Withdrawal - Left Brain/Right Brain

►February 19, 2010 - Wakefield leaves US clinic - February 19, 2010 - The Great Beyond Blog via

* ►February 19, 2010 - Dispatch: Whelan, Horton, and Conspiracists on Wakefield; FDA on Asthma; Mug Thugs  - American Council on Science and Health - "Dr. Horton Blames You, Everyone Else - In light of The Lancet's recent retraction of Dr. Wakefield's 1998 study linking the MMR vaccine to autism, NPR interviewed Dr. Richard Horton, the journal's editor, in order to determine how such an egregious paper was allowed to be published in the first place. Dr. Horton muses, 'This was a system failure. We failed, I think the media failed, I think government failed, I think the scientific community failed. And we all have to very critically examine what part we played in this.'"

►February 19, 2010 - MMR-row doctor Andrew Wakefield quits US clinic job - PA News via The Independent, UK

►February 19, 2010 - Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation as a Treatment for Autism - Autism Blog via

* ►February 19, 2010 - FBI: CASE CLOSED (and Ivins did it) - Anthrax Vaccine -- posts by Meryl Nass, M.D.

* ►February 19, 2010 - AMERITHRAX INVESTIGATIVE SUMMARY - Released Pursuant to the Freedom of Information Act (pdf) - The United States Department of Justice via Washington Post

* ►February 19, 2010 - Anthrax myth persists despite evidence - USA Today

►February 19, 2010 - Q&A: Anthrax and Ivins case - USA Today

►February 19, 2010 - FBI closes 2001 anthrax case, says Detrick researcher acted alone - AP via The Herald-Mail

* ►February 19, 2010 - Proper Name: Diphtheria and Tetanus Toxoids and Acellular Pertussis Adsorbed, Hepatitis B (Recombinant) and Inactivated Poliovirus Vaccine Combined - Pediarix Manufacturer: GlaxoSmithKline Biologicals, License #1617 Active immunization against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis (whooping cough), all known subtypes of hepatitis B virus, and poliomyelitis caused by poliovirus Types 1, 2, and 3. - FDA - "Revise the Package Insert to add a warning regarding apnea in premature infants and to update the subsection on postmarketing adverse events."

* ►February 19, 2010 - Proper Name: Meningococcal Polysaccharide Vaccine, Groups A, C, Y, W135 Combined Menveo Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics, Inc. - indicated for active immunization to prevent invasive meningococcal disease caused by Neisseria meningitidis serogroups A, C, Y and W-135 when administered to individuals 11 through 55 years of age - FDA

* ►February 19, 2010 - Proposed Rule: Reporting Information Regarding Falsification of Data - Food and Drug Administration, HHS - "The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) is proposing to amend its regulations to require sponsors to report information indicating that any person has, or may have, engaged in the falsification of data in the course of reporting study results, or in the course of proposing, designing, performing, recording, supervising, or reviewing studies that involve human subjects or animal subjects conducted by or on behalf of a sponsor or relied on by a sponsor. A sponsor would be required to report this information to the appropriate FDA center promptly, but no later than 45 calendar days after the sponsor becomes aware of the information. This proposal is necessary because ambiguity in the current reporting scheme has caused confusion among sponsors. The proposed rule is intended to help ensure the validity of data that the agency receives in support of applications and petitions for FDA product approvals and authorization of certain labeling claims and to protect research subjects."

* ►February 19, 2010 - 95 per cent target set for MMR vaccines - Irish Medical Times

* ►February 19, 2010 - HIV vaccine facility won't be built - CBC News - "After weighing all of the evidence, the Government of Canada and the Gates Foundation have decided not to proceed with the pilot-scale vaccine manufacturing facility," said the notice on the agency's website."

* ►February 19, 2010 - Grassley Probes WebMd Ties To Eli Lilly - Pharmalot - "Grassley, who is the ranking Republican on the US Senate Finance Committee, is investigating the relationship between WebMD and drugmakers after learning the web site is running a TV ad that encourage people to take a depression-screening test sponsored by Eli Lilly, which sells Cymbalta."

* ►February 19, 2010 - MSU team developing new way to fight influenza - Montana State University - "Montana State University scientists are researching the use of nanomaterials to develop a new way of fighting influenza and other respiratory infections caused by viruses."

* ►February 19, 2010 - European experts back shift in pandemic planning - Call for “generic” preparedness prompts note of caution against plans too fuzzy to be useful - Emerging Health Threats

* ►February 19, 2010 - FDA warning reminds us of labeling’s impact - Healthcare Packaging

►February 19, 2010 - Severely Ill Patients With H1N1 Do Not Require Higher Tamiflu Doses (requires registration) - Canadian Medical Association Journal via Medscape Medical News

* ►February 19, 2010 - Family Fury at Baby Bungle - The Advocate, AU - "NWRH's paediatrics director, who did not believe the baby had whooping cough but more likely a viral infection, did various tests and sent them off, then discharged the baby from the NWRH; the tests went to Hobart then Brisbane, taking seven days, in which time the baby was in contact with many people; the NWRH discharge note to the GP noted the baby was being tested for whooping cough; it stated the baby only had a slight cough and its mum was at risk of post-natal depression, but the family said it was simply paranoid the baby, who was at this stage "choking", had whooping cough; the tests came back positive to whooping cough, by which time the baby was very sick;"

►February 19, 2010 - United States: Detachable Needles on Syringes Promote Hepatitis C Transmission, Study Says - Los Angeles Times via

►February 19, 2010 - A day in the life of Dr. Nadine Burke - A UC Berkeley-trained physician with a master's degree in public health from Harvard College treats patients with Third World diseases in San Francisco. It's all in a day's work for Dr. Nadine Burke, medical director of the Bayview Child Health Center on Evans Avenue in Bayview-Hunters Point, which she helped to open in 2007 with the California Pacific Medical Center. She and a staff of eight combat health inequities, including the highest incidence of infant mortality in the state. Before the clinic opened, many patients went to hospital emergency rooms for basic medical care. At 34, she has become a role model for the community's children, not only for her humanitarian works, but for her snazzy sense of style, wearing chic dresses and 5-inch heels to work most days. Burke was one of three doctors recently honored at the Medical Center's annual Wishes for Wellness fundraising gala for their contributions to health. - San Francisco Chronicle

►February 19, 2010 - 'Exciting' advance reported in peanut allergy therapy - Cambridge University via CNN - "Researchers took a group of 23 children allergic to peanuts and gave them small amounts of peanuts to eat daily, usually starting with 1 mg, said Clark. The peanut quantity was increased carefully every two weeks, until the children could eat about five peanuts. They took this dose daily for at least six weeks, mostly tolerating it well except for some temporary mouth itching or abdominal pain, he said."

►February 19, 2010 - New guidance document to prevent food allergies - European Commission Joint Research Centre via News-Medical.Net

►February 19, 2010 - Maybe a Merck Drug Swap With J&J Could Make Its Remicade Headache Go Away - BNET

►February 19, 2010 - Pelosi: 'The Days of Allowing Insurance Companies to Place Profits Over Public Health Must End' - Office of the Speaker of the House via PRNewswire-USNewswire via Yahoo!

►February 19, 2010 - Reid will back public health insurance option if Dems can get around GOP filibusters - AP via South Florida Sun-Sentinel

* ►February 19, 2010 - Ottawa scraps $88-million AIDS-vaccine project - Unsuccessful bidders demanding answers after Tories say Canadians weren't up to the task - The Globe and Mail

►February 19, 2010 - News Outlets Examine HIV Vaccine Research, Cervical Cancer Screening Data Presented At Conference - Kaiser Daily Global Health Policy Report

►February 19, 2010 - Jackson County Health Department is reducing the cost of vaccines - Jackson Citizen Patriot via

* ►February 19, 2010 - Czechs cancel a third of GSK swine flu vaccines order - AFP via France 24

►February 19, 2010 - Health Officials Still On Alert For Another Swine Flu Outbreak - WTOV Steubenville

►February 19, 2010 - No Swine Flu in Bay County -

►February 19, 2010 - Flu not to blame for many people feeling sick -

►February 19, 2010 - H1N1: Vaccination push continues - Daily Press

* ►February 19, 2010 - WHO may declare post-peak pandemic phase next week - Flu experts will advise next week whether the world is in a post-peak phase of the H1N1 pandemic, signaling infections are falling in most countries but new waves may still occur, the World Health Organization said on Friday. - Reuters

* ►February 19, 2010 - In Tallahassee, CDC official cautions that cause of Acreage cancer cluster may not be found - Palm Beach Post

►February 19, 2010 - Acreage Cancer Cluster - Experts from the Centers for Disease Control visited the Florida Department of Health today to discuss an action plan for the Acreage Cancer Cluster. - Capitol News Service

* ►February 19, 2010 - MN Lyme Patients have Reason for Hope as Lyme Bill gets Second Hearing at Capitol - MN Lyme Action Support Group via WebWire

* ►February 19, 2010 - Justice Department and FBI Announce Formal Conclusion of Investigation into 2001 Anthrax Attacks - press release - U.S. Department of Justice via PRNewswire-USNewswire

►February 19, 2010 - Amerithrax case closed: Ivins 'perpetrated the anthrax letter attacks' - Frederick News-Post

* ►February 19, 2010 - F.B.I., Laying Out Evidence, Closes Anthrax Letters Case (requires registration) - The New York Times

* ►February 19, 2010 - The FDA Blows it on Asthma Drug Safety - The Science Business via Forbes Blog

* ►February 19, 2010 - US FDA says Eisai, Pfizer Alzheimer ads misleading - * FDA says TV ads overstate Alzheimer drug's results * Eisai weighs FDA comments; to discontinue commercials - Reuters

►February 19, 2010 - Logistics Health Inc. to receive $1.5 million state loan - Milwaukee Journal Sentinel - "Logistics Health specializes in helping government agencies and other customers obtain health information, organize specialized disaster training, and manage vaccination programs."

►February 19, 2010 - Push for more stable vaccines - NHS Choices

►February 19, 2010 - Antiretroviral Therapy Can Reduce Risk of HIV Transmission to Uninfected Sexual Partners: Presented at CROI - Doctor Guide

* ►February 19, 2010 - Paxil Birth Defect Trial - Battle of the Experts By Evelyn Pringle - OpEd News

* ►February 18, 2010 - Paxil Birth Defect Litigation - First Trial A Bust For Glaxo By Evelyn Pringle - OpEd News

►February 18, 2010 - Dr. Krigsman “steps down” from position at Thoughtful House? - Left Brain/Right Brain

►February 18, 2010 - Vibativ's Delayed Approval for Nosocomial Pneumonia Will Significantly Reduce Its Commercial Impact in the Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus Aureus Drug Market - In 2018, Vibativ Will Garner Less Than Half of What it Had Been Previously Forecasted to Earn, According to New Findings from Decision Resources - Decision Resources via WRIC Richmond

►February 18, 2010 - The Hamner Institutes and Oslo Cancer Cluster Announce Partnership Memorandum Of Understanding Strengthens European Arm of Global Biosciences Gateway - The Hamner Institutes for Health Sciences via PRNewswire via WRIC Richmond

►February 18, 2010 - Guest commentary: Health rankings tell only part of the story - Boulder Daily Camera

►February 17, 2010 - Heliox for croup in children - journal article (Cochrane Reviews)

►February 17, 2010 - Antifungal therapy in infants and children with proven, probable or suspected invasive fungal infections - journal article (Cochrane Reviews)

►February 17, 2010 - Human Genetic Vulnerabilities May Underlie Infectious Diseases, Scientist Argues - Rockefeller University's Jean Laurent Casanova spoke on the connection between genetics and infectious diseases at the 2010 annual conference of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS) on Friday, February 19, focusing on current findings and putting them in context in this small but emerging field. - Rockefeller University via ScienceDaily

►February 17, 2010 - Computer Simulation Of Protein Malfunction Related To Alzheimer's Disease - Universitat Autonoma de Barcelona via Biocompare

►February 16, 2010 - Getting the lead out: Rule targets Illinois’ top child environmental illness - Medill Reports, Chicago

* ►February 11, 2010 - Transient hepatitis B surface antigen circulation after Infanrix-Hexa®: a case report and review of the literature - journal article (European Journal of Pediatrics) - "The antigenemia was transient and related to his recent immunization with Infanrix-Hexa®. Caution is required during interpretation of a positive HBsAg test that is obtained within 28 days after vaccination against hepatitis B."

* ►February 5, 2010 - A Shot of Reality - The week, The Lancet formally retracted a deeply flawed study that suggested a link between the MMR vaccine and autism. The 1998 study has provided fuel for the anti-vaccine movement for years. The Lancet's editor Richard Horton describes how this debacle has forever changed the way the journal will deal with the scientific community and the media. - transcript (includes audio) - On The Media

►February 2, 2010 - What in the Cell is Going On?! - How to Achieve Natural Cell Health by Detoxing at the Cellular Level Q&A with “Dr. Cell Tox”, Gary Tunsky - webinar archive - WellWithU

* ►February 2, 2010 - Title: Malaria vaccines (patent) - Seattle Biomedical Research Institute (Seattle, WA) The United States of America as represented by the Army (Washington, DC) via

* ►February 2, 2010 - Title: Vaccine for activating helper function of CD8.sup.+ Tcells (patent) - University of Pittsburgh - Of the Commonwealth of Higher Education (Pittsburgh, PA) via

►February 2, 2010 - Title: Targeted delivery of botulinum toxin for the treatment and prevention of trigeminal autonomic cephalgias, migraine and vascular conditions (patent) -Allergan, Inc. (Irvine, CA) via

* ►January 4, 2010 - Trashed on the Internet: What Should You Do? (requires registration) - Medscape Business of Medicine - "I encourage every physician to routinely and aggressively monitor their Web presence. Not just for proprietary ranking systems such as HealthGrades but for blog postings, patient 'complaint boards,' and government sites such as State Department of Health physician profiles," says Michael J. Schoppmann, a health law attorney with Kern, Augustine Conroy & Schoppmann in New York and New Jersey. "This should be done by a staff member knowledgeable as to the Internet and should include search engine investigations using the physician's name and the name of the practice," says Schoppmann. "Any threat, or implied threat to the physician, physician's staff, or physician's family, should be taken seriously and reported to the appropriate law enforcement authorities. And any comments that cross the line of personal expression and defame the physician should be acted upon." "Additionally, all items located should be saved and printed for future reference, as they may change or be removed at a later point and thereby difficult or impossible to retrieve," he says."

"Alive, Living and Breathing!": Michael Rood and the People Who Helped Save His Life - Tuesday, February 23, 2010 8:30 PM - 9:30 PM EST - webinar - WellWithU


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